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What is Snowshoeing?

snowshoe diagramIt’s simply walking in snowy conditions. The people of snowy locations all over world have been using snowshoes for centuries to ease their progress on foot, and the ones we use are modern descendants of those original pieces of equipment. Snowshoes help by stopping us sinking in soft snow, and giving us grip if the snow is hard or icy. The snowshoes adjust to almost any boot size, and are very easy to walk in. After a quick fitting, most people are comfortable on their snowshoes and ready to enjoy their day in around 10 minutes.


Even when the ski fields have to close, we can still go walking in the mountains thanks to snowshoes.



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Snowy tracksWho can do it?

Everyone! Like summer hiking, we can make things as easy or challenging as you wish. Small group sizes and a flexible approach, ensure we accommodate everyone’s needs and abilities.

One of the beauties of snowshoeing is that it is non-technical; that is to say that unlike skiing for example, almost anyone can do it without technical instruction or time spent practicing, and yet it gives us access to landscapes that go way beyond the limits of the on piste skier.

Guided Walks NZ philosophy is, to give guests an interactive nature experience - a hands on understanding of every component of New Zealand's South Island wilderness.

Can I go snowshoeing? How fit do I need to be?

YES - if you can walk, you can snowshoe!  People of all ages and abilities enjoy snowshoeing, and our small groups mean we can adjust distance, pace and terrain according to interests and goals.

As a guide our most popular trip in the Remarkables to Lake Alta is our 1/2 Day Snowshoe Adventure. This trip does require a moderate level of fitness.  It is a gradual climb of 200 vertical metres to the lake and with fit groups we certainly go further.  Wandering the spectacular mountain environment surrounding us, usually well away from the bustle of the main ski area, excites people with a love of open spaces, fresh air and the natural world.  

If snow is your goal and walking is something to minimise then the Snowshoe Play is a better alternative.  Especially if you are travelling with young children.  This trip is geared to snow experiences and we have some purpose built snow features that are a lot of fun.

Do we have to go with a group?

We also offer all of our Snowshoeing Trips on a PRIVATELY GUIDED basis for a total wilderness experience. A special lunch is provided, with departure and return times to suit. Adventurous or passive expeditions tailored to suit clients’ interests. Providing individual attention. All fitness and age levels can be catered for. We like to find out what your preferences are when you make contact so that, with consideration of weather and snow conditions, we can design the perfect itinerary for you.

“If you can walk, you can snowshoe...”